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July 2019 | NYC | Tiktok Masterclass 

June 2019 | NYC | COO Dinners

May 2019 | NYC | CMO Dinner

Apr 2019 | NYC | Product Leaders Gathering

March 2019 | NYC | Bustle Masterclass 

March 2019 | Las Vegas | Shoptalk Dinner

February 2019 | NYC | Reddit Masterclass

November 2018 | NYC | Pinterest Masterclass


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In this week’s News | E, we highlight how Wish uses sports marketing to reach consumers globally. Lively CEO, Michelle Cordeiro Grant defines ‘Leisurée’ and Poshmark’s recent expansion into the home category looks promising.


In this week’s News | E, we welcome Prentis Wilson to the Boxed team as President. We explain how StockX has become a market leader in the sneaker resale category and congratulate Bustle Digital Group on their eighth acquisition, Inverse. expansion into the home category looks promising.


In this week’s News|E, we feature the global ambitions of one of the fastest-growing businesses in Michigan. We spotlight Affirm the many online retailers that use the solution. Ibotta CEO, Bryan Leach explains why mobile payment adoption has been slow in the US and how Ibotta plans to change that.


In this week’s News | E, we highlight Peloton’s growing demand from hotels and congratulate TikTok for reaching 1.5 Billion monthly active users. GGV Capital’s Robin Li shares advice for direct-to-customer e-commerce companies.


In this week’s News | E, we congratulate Bustle for acquiring Nylon and anticipate their plans. We celebrate Loggi’s new funding and highlight the team behind The Mighty.


In this week’s News | E, we welcome StockX to the GGV Capital portfolio, we highlight how a loan led to the founding of Affirm, and Tracy Sun defines the relationship between seller and shoppers on Poshmark.